Passenger Count Helper is a useful tool for flight crew needing to count passengers according to aircraft weight and balance zones. Designed by a flight attendant, this app will assist in QUICKLY calculating passenger loads, and closing the door on time.

This version includes the CRJ-900, CRJ-200, and Saab 340. If you would like to see additional aircraft or different zone layouts included in a future update, please contact us directly. Names of airlines and their specific aircraft configuration is intentionally omitted.

Tap the zone and then add and subtract as necessary to indicate seating of the passengers. The number of empty seats is automatically visibly tallied to aid you in confirming the count. If the zone is almost full, tap "FILL ALL SEATS" and then just subtract passengers as needed. Repeat for each zone.

Once all zones have been tallied, tap the red arrow at the bottom of the screen to bring the final tally into view. Then, simply copy the results to your paperwork.

Infants are counted in the "Total Count" as Souls Onboard, but are never considered as occupying a seat - all Infants are counted as lap children even if they are in a CRS (Child Restraint System). Seats occupied by a CRS should be counted as both an empty seat and an Infant.
Tap "LOCK EMPTY SEATS" if you want to alter the count of adults and children without affecting the number of empty seats. If you choose to use this feature the recommended work flow is: First count everyone as an adult and then "LOCK EMPTY SEATS". Then add the correct number of children, and they will replace adults.

Tip: To maintain a professional appearance, make it obvious to passengers that you are using your device as a calculator, and avoid gestures that might appear to be texting.

is available in the App Store for $1.99